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Company  Profiles

           Xianyang Textiles Group Co., Ltd. was built by Xianyang Government in Sep., 2012. The Group is a multiple large-scale state owned corporation. It takes the operation of textiles and clothing industry, printing and dyeing, investment and financing, real estate development, trade and logistics etc. It is the biggest and the advancest  base of textile fibre test and textile technology research and development in the North-West of China.
           The Group lies in Xianyang Emerging Textile Industrial Park which is one of the Ten textiles industry Demo base, the head of the Silk Route Economic Belt, and the core area of State-level Guanzhong-Tianshui economic development zone. The eastern is Xianyang High Tech Industrial Zone, the western is amusement park called The east emperor palace. The southern is Weihe Development Zone which is combination of shops and residence, The northern is emperor tourist area. Xibao Expressway, Longhai railway line and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport are all in the north-south of it. This area has known as the greatest potential region of Chinese contemporary in investment business and wealth growth.
           The Group ‘s branches such as Northwest No.1 Textile Co., Ltd, Northwest No.2 Textiles Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Bafang Textiles Co., Ltd, Xianyang China Resources Textiles Co.,Ltd and Shaanxi China Resources Printing and Dyeing Co.,Ltd. All companies have gained the ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System and ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certificate.
           The Group registered capital is 400 million yuan. It has general asset 4500 million Yuan, about 5000 employees, 400 thousand spinning spindles and 2000 shuttless looms. The Group’s annual output is 50 thousand tons yarn,230 million meters fabrics and 3200 million Yuan sales value per year, 150 million US Dollar earn foreign exchange annually.
           Seizing the opportunity of moved in the park, Introducing the highest level of Blowing-Carding Machinery and Autoconer X5 automatic winding machine made in Germany. Rieter Drawframe type D45 and Combing machine E66 made in Switzerland. Murata No. 21C-S Process Coner, Automotic Winder, Tsudakoma TTS10S type sizing machine and ZAX 9100 type air-jet loom. The equipment newness coefficient is about 0.98, therefore the spinning equipment is 100% AL thickness, the thickness winding al machine is 57%, Shuttless looms. The Group has 4 full sets of independent weave lines and 6 sets of the process of continuous printing and dyeing production lines in high technical and high value fabric, differentiated chemical fabric and technical textiles. Information integration, overall equipment level is forefront all of the domestic industry and the world industry.
           The Group has three independent pure cotton production lines: high count and density, differentiated chemical fabric and technical textiles. The main products are yarn and fabric. The yarn’s types are cotton, polyerst/cotton, blended yarn including compact yarn, SIRO yarn, slubby yarn, core-spun yarn, ply yarn and so on. The yarn count is from 60s to 300s and the evenness CV value is 5% of USTER 2013. The fabrics have high-grade cotton fabric, differentiated chemical fabric, technical textiles fabrics, printting and dyed fabrics etc. At present, the products are exporting to Europe, North America, Japan and Korea, Africa, Southeast Asian fifty countries and regions.
           According to Xi Zhongxun “Meng Tao Sprit Always Carry on”and “Unity、Steadiness、Innovation、Brilliant”as the Group’s mission. The starff is implementing “common ideology, common faith, common pressure, common effort, common dedication and common promotion” of The Group’s “six common” management concepts and the four Working standard of “detailing, thoroughly, systematization, persistence”. All the employees are working hard for building the Chinese textiles advanced company and a large scale international enterprise. With industrial as basically, capital as bond, invest as guide, the Group hope to establish partnership, achieve mutual benefit and create a glorious future in common with all customers of domestic and overseas.

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